Black's Beach Bares Shirts, Hats and Calendars

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Stick-On Tattoos

Stick-on tattoos are done.  They are nearly 2 inches square.  We started passing these out the summer of 2007, at no charge.  My cost was nearly $400 for 10,000.  If you wish to offer a donations, let this be your guide.  I still have a few left.  Please send me a stamped envelope and the number you want.

                        2010 Calendar









$15  $20  $20  $20  $20  $20

Contact Dave for polo shirts.$25



Dave has copies of a 70's design.  Contact him for details.
front back

Contact Geoff for Surf Event T's.


Stock keeps changing, but we have had the following colors of embroidered shirts: yellow, white, sand, dark sand, natural, navy blue, earth-tone tie dye and black, in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.  Some of these are T-shirts, pocket Ts, polo shirts, long sleeves and tank tops.  There will be more orders in more colors as other interests are brought to my attention.  Lately some hats, ladies V-necks and tanks have been added to the stock.

Surplus shirts list the website and new designs say, "Black's Beach, San Diego."  Some are black and the color conflict has been resolved by changing the color of the figures and text.

This could also be put on towels and other beach accessories in the future.  I try to build a consensus before placing orders.

If you are interested in any of these items, please write me a letter describing what you want, size, color, and enclose a check.  You could use this order form.  Or, you can send your request by email and payment via paypal to  I will send you the shirt in a timely manner.  If you want something I don't have in stock, it will take more time because I will wait until I have enough to place another order.

Other similar designs will be available in the future, either silk screened or as iron-on.

Send Lloyd email.
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