Dreams of a Flotilla Club in Southern California

This page last updated February 15, 2007 by Lloyd Johnson
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I'm picturing five or six small boats a mile or two from the coast, some motorboats, some sailboats, maybe jet skiis, pool floats and windsurfers too. That far out you would have the necessary isolation to sunbathe au naturel. You might swim over to another boat to cool off once in while and socialize with the others. Our clubs are fine. Our beaches are fine. But, the ocean is much bigger.

Please write me if you have a boat, or are planning to buy a boat. Also write me if you are interested in going on a cruise once we form a flotilla, or rent a boat.

Some ideas that come to mind...
Day Trip Anchored off Black's Beach, San Onofre, Rincon, or other nude beaches
Day Trip to Local Islands for Snorkeling and Diving
Overnight Trip to Catalina Island.
There are dozens of other activities to experience.....

Many other bareboat flotillas already exist.