We are persecuted.

This page last updated May 31, 2000 by Lloyd Johnson.

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Employers can fire us if they learn we are nudists, even if we are never arrested. Many people persecute us. They press lawmakers to persecute us. And, when the lawmakers won't persecute us the police persecute us, sometimes under pressure and sometimes with great zeal.

How can I say this?

Nudists seek sites off the beaten track, to avoid offending people. But, these people pursue us and attempt to drive us from places they don't even go to.

Police enforce laws that don't exist. For example, there is no law in New York requiring a woman to wear a shirt. This was tested in state supreme courts in the mid 90's. The police will still ask a woman to cover up, hoping that she is ignorant. Why should the police make such a request? The woman is breaking no law. They want to preserve the peace, you say? Then arrest the people who molest her.