Nudism is morally correct.

This page last updated March 13, 2004 by Lloyd Johnson.

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Often nudism is condemned as morally wrong, even sinful. This is far from the truth.

Most clothing is not functional, especially women's. It is fashionable and often designed to tittilate. Bathing suit designs are chosen because of the way they accentuate breasts, hips, butts and pelvis. The bathing suit only draws attention to those body parts as earrings draw attention to ears and face. Why are they so colorful?

A woman's breasts are an outward sign of her sexuality. They can be covered and their size can be concealed, although it is painful. Why do women pad their bras? Don't deny that it is to make their breasts look bigger, and more attractive.

It is not unheard of for men to pad their crotch, but this is less significant. Most men's clothing is baggy compared to women's, and hide the figure. Commonly worn men's bathing suits leave penis size completely up to the imagination. Men can brag crudely about penis size, often making false claims.

The honesty inherent in nudism puts an end to these kinds of deceptions and reduces body part sizes to a low importance. When we can see breasts, we fantasize less about their size and shape. When a penis is exposed for all to see, the owner ceases telling crude stories about it.

Certainly you can find examples of vanity in nudism. Many women, and men, trim or shave their pubic hair. This is no more immoral than getting a hair cut, men shaving their face every day, women shaving their legs and armpits. If you stopped wearing a bag over your head, you would probably get a haircut.

Breast enhancement, tattoos and body jewelry are examples of vanity, visible in nudism. Breast enhancement is no doubt a matter of low self esteem in women, and I wish women would be less vulnerable to the pressures of society. I personally find body jewelry and tattoos unattractive.