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This is the official website of Black's Beach Bares, a group of beach users dedicated to the clothing optional use of Black's Beach.  We are affiliated with The Naturist Society.

San Onofre Alert
September 9, 2009

Cahill Policy

Pink Lloyd

Little Beach Dives

Send email to mayor/webmaster Lloyd. Send email to Dave, our Naturist Education (NEF) representative. Send email to NudistChick.

What do we do?
We publish a newsletter ten times a year. We maintain a family friendly presence at Black's Beach.  We maintain a bulletin board at Black's Beach. We post our newsletter there and leave space for others to post Naturist related events. We organize trash pickups at Black's Beach, sometimes with park rangers. We donate materials and service to Black's Beach Diggers. We facilitate the use of Black's Beach for other Naturist groups by providing a hot grill, extra umbrellas, and beach toys like Frisbees, body boards and sand castle molds.  We organize a few events, but mostly leave it up to people to decide how to have fun at the beach.

Why do we do it?
Clothing optional recreation requires constant defense, because people often misunderstand and try to outlaw it. Black's is not a perfect beach, but we try to make it better. We like our beach to be litter free. We like to be able to reach a clothing optional environment without excessive risk to our lives.

What don't we do?
We don't engage in public sex, nor do we encourage public sex. We don't police the entire beach, but we often speak up when people get vulgar. We don't sponsor many activities because people at Black's already know what they want to do and don't need us trying to organize fun.

How do I join?
Membership in Black's Beach Bares is not based on dues, nor is there a list of members.  It's based on behavior and participation.  If you can behave the way polite society expects, then we will tolerate your presence.  If you can be a part of our activities or conversations, then we will welcome you.


We host Sunday picnics all summer.  Sometimes the picnics include homemade ice cream.  Bring something to throw on our grill, or come for a hot meal on us.  Besides the usual meats, we've also grilled an assortment of vegetables, corn, squash, broccoli and cauliflower.  Look for us north of Hully Gully, under our flag.

We spend much of the winter on the beach too.  Look for us under the same flag in the same place.

September 4

Sunday Picnic

September 5

Labor Day Picnic

September 11

Sunday Picnic

Subscriptions are available via US mail and/or email.  A text version of the newsletter is sent out, approximately 10/year.  There are also a few announcements sent out per year.  The newsletter can also be downloaded in a Word 2000 format, or read from the on-line archive.

Email subscribers need to be aware that their name will not appear on the To: list.  This is done for simplicity and confidentiality.  If you filter against this, you will not receive your newsletter

Dues and Donations:
We are now able to accept your dues and donation via paypal.  Simply specify as the recipient.  Otherwise, please make out checks to Black's Beach Bares.

US mail subscription
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Black's Beach Bares
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Both Dave and Claudia have earned the honor of article of the month in Nude and Natural.  Claudia's article on Cancun made Article of the Month for September 2003.  Dave's article on Black's Beach activities made Article of the Month for August 2002.  Dave made article of the month again, December 2006, for his beach road trip report.

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The Passing of Clara Bailey

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