Health Benefits to Nudism

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Most of the health benefits are psychological, reduced stress, increased self esteem...

Wearing a wet bathing suit has been known to cause yeast infections.

There are a few pests that are more likely to bother you if you wear clothes, sea lice and deer ticks, to name two.

Sea lice is the apparent cause of rashes which sometimes afflicts ocean swimmers off the coast of Florida. It seems that it occurs only during certain months of the year. Furthermore, it mostly occurs in areas covered by "bathing" suits. This is the only solid health threat that nudists can point to as caused by bathing suits. We make a big deal about it since the professionals have to hold their tongues.

Follow a few links and read about sea lice, as told by experts and quacks. You decide who's who.
Lantana Beach Information
Mary Russell, Florida Atlantic University

I emailed her May 23 and 24, 2000. I condensed our emails to a dialog here.

Lloyd: I was reading your website on sealice and I was disappointed that you did not include nude swimming as a preventive measure. Is this a nudist myth? Your article recommends reducing the size of bathing suits as a preventive measure. What happens when it is reduced to nothing? Your article includes mention of rashes in places not covered by bathing suits. Is this an infrequent occurrance?

Mary: Dear Lloyd- swimming nude IS a preventive measure but not one that I could publish in a professional journal nor suggest for community education purposes as it is not allowed in most areas. But YOU figured it out!! :)

Lloyd: In sex education classes it is said that abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy and STDs. We are allowed to say this. A professional journal won't let you publish the best preventive measure? I found other links on sea lice. One advised covering as much of the body as possible. When will the health issues outweigh the political obstacles? Can you direct me to a sea lice link where free speech is allowed?

Mary: You have an interesting perspective however must be aware of your own agenda and the normative behavioral practices in communities. The best preventive measure for seabather's eruption is to respect the jellyfish larvae at the time when they are present in our waters and stay out of the water. The best measure is NOT to swim nude as larvae do get trapped under armpits, pressure of one body surface on another, entangled in hair etc... and can still cause the dermatitis with such contact. As a healthcare professional, it would be inappropriate to be engaged in any political messaging...