What's your excuse?

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I intend to have a photographic example of each excuse. Please volunteer if you would like me to use your photo as an example here.

Excuses for not undressing in public tend to fall into a few categories. Email me if you think of another.
I'm too fat or ugly.
I'm too old.
People will take my picture.
I'm not promiscuous, nor an exhibitionist.
I have tattoos and body jewelry.
It's a sin.
I'll get an erection.
My penis is too small
It's illegal.
Guys will hit on me.
How will I tell my family?
I have kids.
I'm afraid I might run into somebody I know.
I'm cold.
I bounce too much.

How can you be too fat or ugly to take your clothes off?

Beauty should be shared and appreciated.  If you think you're not beautiful, get a second opinion.

No matter how much you weigh you can still enjoy the feel of the sun, wind and water over your whole body. Why shiver with some oversized wet suit keeping you cold? Take it off and warm up. Your skin will dry and warm much faster than any swim suit.

Quit trying to fit into the mold that salesmen have you obsessing over. Women tend to gain self esteem when they quit hiding in their clothes. Buy clothes for work, but relax on a boat instead of a recreation wardrobe. Travel light. Leave your clothes at home.

Be at peace with your body, then exercise to feel good. Nudists must exercise more than the clothing compulsives. In the United States clothing optional sites are usually hard to reach. When sites are easy to reach, clothing compulsives go too. Then they complain, and they keep complaining until nudists are forced out. Consequently, clothing optional sites require more exercise just to get there.

You think you're ugly? I hope you don't think that beauty is what they show you in fashion magazines. That's all artificial and superficial. We will accept you in whatever size shape or color you come in. Then you will smile. Your smile makes you beautiful.

Maybe you have scars or stretch marks. Maybe you lost a breast. We will accept you. Then you will accept yourself.

You are never too old to try nudism.

Several people discover nudism when they are older. Certainly there are young people who try and love nudism, but the average age of nudists is in the 50's.

What if I run into somebody I know? What do I say?

Some people say, "Hi." This has happened to me three times now. One time this happened to me I said, "Hey, Mike, over here!" Another time I said, "Hey, Paul!" And another time I said, "You got me, I'm busted."

Just when you're afraid they've seen you, remember, they're here too.

I've excluded what I say to people whom I already knew were nudists, since that is not the concern.

What will I tell my family?

When I was sure this is what I want my life to be, I told them, first my mom and eventually everyone. I showed her a book of nude recreation, and she saw that it was not sexual or otherwise sinful. Some of my family have been to beaches or resorts with me. Some took their clothes off and others did not.

I don't want nude pictures of me around.

This is a problem we deal with constantly. Men are usually concerned about their jobs and women tend to fear being pornography. Women show more concern about this than men, since women are more often the targets.

Public land continues to be a problem. No law will prevent anyone from taking your picture in public, but nudists usually find a way to stop it. It is amazing how many photographers drop their cameras in salt water. I guess the excitement of being surrounded by so many naked men is just too much for them. American nudist resorts usually don't allow cameras, so you are safe there.

Europeans don't have this problem, since public nudity is not so rare as in the United States. We need to reach a point in our social evolution where you will give no more thought to a nude picture of yourself than any other photo. The way to do this is to be very open about such photography until it becomes very commonplace. Most of us don't want to tough it out.

Until that day comes we must respect each other's wishes. Photographers who don't ask for consent will continue to feel sudden urges to swim with their cameras. If you don't care that pictures are taken without consent, maybe you need a selfish reason to care. If women cannot feel secure against unwanted photography, will they come back?

Do you think we all take off our clothes because we are promiscuous, or want to shock people?

Certainly there are swingers and people with alternate life styles who are nudists too. But, most nudists are just as monogamous or celebate as clothing compulsives. Promiscuous nudists are a fringe element that threatens clothing optional sites. They tend to misrepresent the rest of us with their sexual displays, outraging spectators so that they want to eliminate all nudity.

We are not exhibitionists. We simply want to be among other people of like mind. We cannot shock each other with our nudity. There is nothing shocking about nudity. It's quite ordinary.

I have tattoos and jewelry that might offend others.

In today's society, more and more people are wearing tattoos and body jewelry, so you will see more nudist also wearing them. Not everyone will understand why you choose to adorn yourself that way, but you don't have to explain. Just be yourself.

Some clubs view body jewelry as erotica and restrict it, but public lands have no such restrictions.

But I'll get an erection and die of embarrassment.

Most nudist men do not get erections in public. If you do get an erection, you may find some discrimination against you. There are two things you can do.

1) Cover it without drawing attention. You might carry a towel over your shoulder, to drape over the front. You could roll over onto your stomach or perhaps get in the water.

2) Wait for it to go away, quietly. Erections are a part of the human body's function. Certainly we can get an erection when we want, but we can also get erections despite our efforts to suppress it. This uncontrolable reaction is being "tolerated" more today than it was a few years ago. No matter how long it lasts, you will live through it. The people around you will either accept it or ignore it, so go about your business and don't draw attention to yourself.

My penis is too small and people might laugh.

Many men worry needlessly about this. There is no size requirement. Despite what you might have read in pornographic novels, or heard a friend boast, the average penis size is not 12 inches, it's 5 inches. You will find that nudists are not so juvenile as to laugh at a small penis.

Contrary to popular belief, women don't seek out a big partner. They are curious to see them, but that's as far as their curiosity goes.

It's illegal.

Often there are state or local laws prohibiting public nudity. If it is a private club, the club has already dealt with the legal issue and you are perfectly safe. If it is public land, nudity is probably only tolerated. There are many of these places.

"Indecent exposure" laws often require more than simple nudity for a conviction. If an officer tells you to get dressed, get dressed and object later. If you are cited, always fight it. The conviction may make you a sex criminal. Get a lawyer and contact the Naturist Action Committee.

Men will hit on me........

Certainly it is true that men will hit on you. Gays hit on men too. Nude women often receive more attention than they want, as one man after another approaches them. Women solve this problem by either having a male friend to accompany them, or finding the place where gays hang out and sitting among them. Few of these "Romeos" will approach you while they think you have a boy friend, even fewer will venture into an area where they will be naked surrounded by gay men. Apparently they can't take what they dish out.

This happens because there are more nudist men than women. Many of these men are sincere and simply trying to pair up with a like-minded woman. Maybe you will like one. If you don't, just soak up the attention and send them on their way.

What do I do with my kids?

These places are not about sex. Take your kids along, they will enjoy it much more than you. Remember how difficult it was to make your kids wear clothes in the first place.

There is a problem to be aware of though.  I have run into pedophiles on a few occasions.  They give themselves away when they point their hidden camera at kids.  This happens in all public places, but nudists are pretty good at spotting them. The clubs are very safe. Most don't even allow cameras and they are quick to notice and expel pedophiles.

They can be nude at home and at private clubs. Nudist children learn when they can be nude and when they must wear clothes. They learn who are nudist and who is not.

Your children might see an erection, but this is natural and harmless.  On public land they might see sex acts. This is something the rest of us would like to stop too. Your children will not realize what they are seeing and give it no importance. They will not be outraged, as you might.

Hopefully the day will come when these people will not see nudity as sex, and more importantly, not see children as sex objects. That day seems far off for the United States, but casual nudity in other countries has made it a reality.

It's too cold to take my clothes off.

If you're cold because you're wearing a wet "bathing" suit, TAKE IT OFF! If you are cold because the weather is freezing, you are excused.  Put some clothes on.

I bounce too much when I run, walk and play games.

There are a few men who wear thongs while playing volleyball, and there are a few women who wear sports bras while playing too. I've never seen anyone get an attitude about it. People also wear rash guards while body boarding to protect nipples.