The Bad News About Nudism

This page last updated December 2, 2006 by Lloyd Johnson.

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You can bet that there will be somebody else at the party wearing the same outfit, nothing.

You never have a pocket to keep things in, unless you are a marsupial.

Becoming a nudist means you will never walk again. You will parade, prance, run around and gallivant, but you will not walk.

If you think you will get an all-over tan, you are not entirely correct. Often nudists get "winkies." "Winkies" are when you get these white, crescent-shaped, untanned areas under your butt cheeks. When a nudist with "winkies" is walking away from you, you will see the white crescent winking at you. Women also get "winkies" under their breasts. You may find a nudist sunning in a strange position, butt in the air or hanging upside down, and now you know why.